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Adam Christopher France 



Hi, Adam France here, Thank you for selecting me to possibly do your next tattoo project.  I am a resident artist at RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio USA. I am a custom tattoo professional of 20 years and have become familiar in many styles of tattooing.

I really enjoy bio-organic, robotic, and realistic tattooing the most, however, I am open to tattoo all sorts of styles and options. Feel free to send me any of your ideas:) I'm booked a few weeks to a few months ahead sometimes, but always able to find a space for smaller fun tattoos...if you don't mind taking an evening slot:)

When you have decided on a tattoo and plan to contact me, please include a full description of your tattoo idea, with attached links to ANY reference photos that you would like reviewed and/or included in your new tattoo design.

Please also include multiple photos of the intended tattoo area.
After reviewing your idea, I will respond as soon as possible about rendering your intended tattoo, and finding the earliest date for a one-on-one consultation with you. Scheduling is sometimes 30 to 90 days out, however, a consultation can be arranged usually quite soon.
For the care and respect of our valued clientele and fellow staff, RedTree Tattoo Gallery is a PRIVATE tattoo studio, and entry is based on an appointment only scenario.
RedTree is known to be a very relaxed environment and it is appreciative for all potential and current clients to bring only those friends necessary to assist your session, if any.  

RedTree has no phone number to call.

Please only contact me by sending me your detailed email and ONLY arriving at your assigned consultation date/time. It is very key that the art process per client is not interrupted, and each can individually redeem the focused time they have chosen to receive. You will be extended the same respect and consideration while in the studio.

It is always recommended to bring any and all reference photos or materials to your initial consultation. Even if you have emailed the references prior, it is assistive if you would print and bring a hard copy of all things you wish for me to use or view for your tattoo creation the day we start.

My working hourly rate is $200 USD per hour. A flexible day rate can always be discussed, as well as price per piece option, if the project can allow.  
Please understand, that it is required that the first hour's rate of $200 USD be paid at the time of, or sometimes prior to,  the initial consultation.
No consultations can occur without the intent of scheduling and deposit.
Primarily, this deposit serves as an act of commitment on your part, to ensure that all of the drawing time and rendering are compensated for at the beginning of the session and/or to cover schedule space lost because of sudden cancellation. This deposit also applies to your session time with me and begins from the hour of your scheduled appointment. This deposit is otherwise non-refundable.

I am a custom artist and will draw each tattoo onto the client with a series of pens and markers so that each tattoo is created to specifically fit the individuals body.  
Please feel welcome to email me to initiate the process of beginning your next awesome tattoo project.

Be a light so that others may see:)

IG @adamfrance

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